My Name Is... George Bonick

Former CSU football player has made career zin real estate


About me

I have been in Colorado since 1971. I originally came here to play football at CSU. Like many of the other guys who came to do the same thing, it didn’t work out and I returned home to Chicago and went on to pursue a degree in mathematics. But after I graduated I headed right back to Colorado. Back then, I-25 wasn’t even completed to Fort Collins.

A new career

So I didn’t play football, I didn’t go to work in mathematics, and my job at the time in the computer sciences was not really making me happy. I tried going into sales, and did OK as a garage door salesman for a while, but it still wasn’t the fit I needed. I went to a career counselor, and after a little testing they thought real estate might be a good fit. I think mainly because I needed more free reign over my own time and commitments.

In my opinion, the world would be a better place...

If everyone would volunteer a little more and help each other I think the world would be a much better place. On the socioeconomic scale we don’t have enough funds to help everyone, but if we each just helped one or two that would be a big help. Plus, volunteering makes me feel good.

My inspiration

I’ve had a few people who have inspired me throughout my life. Jim Nussbaum, one of the first people I met in real estate, gave me a great piece of advice. “If you just remember, when you sell a house, you want to make sure that when they get up in the morning they will think ‘I’m glad I’m here.’” With that thought in mind, it has driven my career.

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